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Biosand Filter
Biosand Filter
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This is a discussion group for the Biosand filter technology.

Discussion and sharing of lessons learnt, best practices and experience in implementing Biosand filter projects.

This group is maintained by CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology) to provide updates, generate feedback and discussion on the implementation of Biosand Filters.

For more information visit CAWST's Biosand Filter KnowledgeCAWST's website, and learn about our training and services as well as education and training material for download.

Water treatment

How to Syphon (Drain) a filter

Here is an easy way to modify tubing to be able to drain a filter


Water treatment

Can You Dance Like This

I challenge ANY BSF Implementer to improve on this BSF Dance! Priceless! 
Happy World Water Day

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Introducing WASH KnowledgePoint on YouTube

Hi Everyone

In an effort to create more engagement opportunities for all of us here at KnowledgePoint we have created a YouTube channel called WASH Knowledge Point. Come visit us at the link below. Please like the videos and subscribe to the channel as Bryan and I are excited about providing content that is relevant and useful for you!! Lets have some fun and at the same time share our experiences!!