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Drinking Water Quality Testing
Drinking Water Quality Testing
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This is a discussion group for Drinking Water Quality Testing.

Discussion and sharing of lessons learnt, best practices and experience in practicing water quality testing.

This group is maintained by CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology) to provide updates, generate feedback and discussion on the topic of Drinking Water Quality Testing.

For more information visit CAWST's website, and learn about our training and services as well as education and training material for download.

Hello @Hichul Chung2 

What is your objective? 

  • Identify an appropriate drinking water source?
  • Assess the effectiveness of a household water treatment technology? 
  • Monitor compliance with standard and regulations? 
  • Increase user awareness on water quality issues?
  • Check if a borehole has been properly disinfected?

Based on your objective, there are different options to consider: Presence-Absence - (H2S, other culture media), Most Probable Number, Membrane filtration. 

Let me know your objectives, and we can recommend the appropriate options. 


How are you sampling methods?

We recently conducted a hands-on workshop about Drinking Water Quality Testing in Liberia. Here we have pictured Environmental Health Technicians from National Public Health Institute of Liberia practicing good sample collection methods. What are your best safe sampling techniques?

Webinar Recording Available: Learn How to Make your Water Quality Testing Program Work in the Real World

The chat was buzzing during our #water quality testing #webinar on May 18th! Just a few of the insightful questions asked by our participants:
- Is water quality testing alone enough to ensure safe drinking water?
- Does quality control mean testing your own testing methods?
- Should you consider radiological parameters when conducting water quality testing?
Do you have questions about your own testing program? Join the discussion forum to connect with your peers and advisors:
Register now to watch the recording on demand:  It is an hour that will be well worth your time.
Thanks to Anna Murray, PhD (@Anna Murray) for your presentation! 
CAWST Eva Manzano  (@Eva Manzano) Eva Jiménez (@Eva Jimenez)

Virtual Certificate Course: Getting Started with Drinking Water Quality Testing

S M Sehgal Foundation, India in partnership with CAWST, Canada is offering a six-week self-paced virtual learning certificate course: Getting Started with Drinking Water Quality Testing (DWQT).

The course will be co-facilitated by  @Elijah Mutafya , Seeds of Hope International Partnership, Zambia;  @Jeremiah Ouko , Aqua Clara, Kenya; Dim Wanndet (@Admin Washsdo ), WASH Skills Development Organization, Cambodia.

Course commencement: June 7, 2022 at 7:30 PM IST.

  • Access Course details here.
  • Register here.

For any other details, contact @Yashi Gautam :