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Drinking Water Quality Testing
Drinking Water Quality Testing
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This is a discussion group for Drinking Water Quality Testing.

Discussion and sharing of lessons learnt, best practices and experience in practicing water quality testing.

This group is maintained by CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology) to provide updates, generate feedback and discussion on the topic of Drinking Water Quality Testing.

For more information visit CAWST's website, and learn about our training and services as well as education and training material for download.

All Members
Tino Muvuti
Civil/Water Engineer. WASH Advisor at ADRA.
Ivana Corce
Global Wash Advisor - LAC
Laura Kohler
Senior Knowledge & Research Advisor, Sanitation
Emily Guebert
Global WASH Advisor
Sam Gil English
Senior WASH Advisor
Parviz Pulotov
Senior Global WASH Advisor
Karen Joe
Knowledge and Research Advisor
Kelly James
Senior Knowledge & Research Advisor, CAWST
Tal Woolsey
VP- Global Services
Sean Furey
Director, RWSN Secretariat
Adele Woolsey
Senior Water Quality Technical Advisor
Marike Kuyper
Global Learning Advisor
Marcio Botto
Knowledge & Research Advisor
Taya Raine
WASH Advisor
Eva Jimenez
WASH Advisor
Emilie Sanmartin
Senior Program Manager, Global Services - CAWST
Suneel Rajavaram
Senior WASH Advisor
Eva Manzano
Senior Manager, WASH Services, LAC, CAWST
Pete Thomson
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives at CAWST