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Sanitation Pit Emptiers
Sanitation Pit Emptiers
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Sanergy, CAWST, and PASA have developed a series of webinars to continue important discussions about the challenges faced by manual emptiers and to begin practical conversations about improving the support offered to sanitation workers across Africa. Over the course of the 5 week series, we will explore some of the challenges faced by manual pit emptiers. We've designated this space as a place to continue discussions after each session. 

Kelly replied a month ago

Résumé de la salle 1 - Summary of breakout room 1

Bonjour à tous,

Voici les grandes lignes de discussion de la salle 1 ( Break out room 1) lors du Webinar de ce matin - Travailler efficacement avec les vidangeurs manuels pour un assainissement sécurisé.

  • Encore dans plusieurs endroits, la... (More)
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Low cost pit emptying tools?

In our Tuesday webinar we've heard a lot about the need for better tools, and we've heard about some more high-end tools that have been developed. What about lower cost tools? A perfect tool would be inexpensive, fast, versatile, able... (More)

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Laura Kohler
Senior Knowledge & Research Advisor, Sanitation

Technologies & Tools: What knowledge & skills do WE need to better support sanitation service providers in their work?

In the session tomorrow (webinar 2), we will discuss innovative technologies to decrease the health and safety risks sanitation service providers, specifically manual emptiers, face on the job.

Often the discussions circle around the knowledge and skills that sanitation service... (More)