Join Us On A Germ's Journey | A Germ's Journey 

The A Germ's Journey project's interdisciplinary (psychology, health, education) research has resulted in the co-creation of a wide range of interactive educational resources (including books, webgames, videos and posters) that studies have shown improves children's understanding of the importance of handwashing, germ transfer and disease development, leading to improved handwashing. The resources are free-at-the-point-of-access and are currently utilised across three continents (Africa, Asia and Europe) in schools, museum exhibits, community centres and refugee camps. 

A Germ's Journey centres around the ethos of joint agency and collaboration, with all resources being developed alongside international partners and end-users to be culturally authentic for global use. Read more about our Co-Creation process here: Evaluating approaches to designing effective Co-Created hand-hygiene interventions for children in India, Sierra Leone and the UK (


For more information and to access our resources, please see our website: Join Us On A Germ's Journey | A Germ's Journey