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Are specialised water treatment processes necessary?

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Conventional centralised water treatment systems which include filtration and disinfection steps should effectively remove or inactivate SARS-CoV-2. 

Where such systems are unavailable, household water treatment (HWT)60 coupled with safe water storage can be employed to ensure the safety of household stored drinking water. Household water treatment options include boiling, chlorination, ultra- or nanofiltration technologies, and solar or ultraviolet irradiation. Not all filtration technologies, such as ceramic pot filters17, effectively remove viruses from water; ceramic pot filters or biosand filters should therefore be coupled with additional treatment options such as disinfection with chlorine or irradiation. 

WHO has evaluated many HWT options and provides an overview of their performance against different types of pathogens in this report28. Benefits and drawbacks of different technologies are also summarised on the CDC website60.