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Asked a question 2 years ago

Does anyone have good examples of intergrating their COVID-19 hygiene or prevention programmes with other cross-cutting priorities such as mainstreaming of gender, age, disability and protection (including GBV and CP) considerations, as well as PSEA, AAP and community engagement. Please do share.

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Naim Ahamed
Technical Specialist (Hygiene Promotion); BRAC

Hi this is Naim from Cox's Bazar Bangladesh. We have integrated COVID-19 hygiene & prevention programs like Community Orientation on COVD-19 focusing on hand washing with soap & clean water, maintaining safe distance, wearing mask etc. with our ongoing community engagement activities such as RANAS (Risk, attitude, norms, ability & self-regulation) Behavior Change Interventions, community led hygiene activity & participatory monitoring of hand washing & functionality of hand washing devices at Rohingya Camps. 

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