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Asked a question 6 months ago

Hello All, as part of my Ph.D., I am developing a holistic evaluation and rating framework for HWTS. I am also trying to understand the deep dissemination of RO, especially in the Indian context. Also looking at the emergence of affordable, local HWTS products. I request all community members give their inputs, views, and leads/links.

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Thanks for your question @Gaurav Kapse6   Can you provide more details about the HWTS framework? Is it available for review?  

Regarding the RO market in India, @Suneel Rajavaram5  and @Lalit Sharma7 can help you. They are very knowledgeable on the HWTS context in India.  



Millie Adam
VP Global Services at CAWST

Have you looked at Elrha's HIF work on evaluating household water treatment in emergencies? Although it is focused on emergencies, many of the criteria they outline are the same in a development context.