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Maarten van Middelkoop
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi all, I received a funding proposal for Jerrycanfilter. Looks great, but of course time and only practice will tell. Could you help me reviewing this innovation and feeding the conversation between the initiators and funders like ourselves to assess if and how it should be pursued. One of my questions is: will people indeed rather invest in a jerrycanfilter compared to a quality more aspiring household filter if it costs almost the same?

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Hi @Maarten van Middelkoop29 ,

The Jerrycanfilter seems to be a really well designed and effective membrane filter that fits perfectly onto jerrycans. Because of that, I think the JERRY is an interesting technology to be implemented in emergency context / humanitarian situations, where jerrycans are commonly used to transport and store drinking water. I am not sure if the target population that uses JERRY is the same that uses other tabletop household filters. 

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