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Asked a question 10 months ago

How long does it take to start seeing results in behavioral changes with Wash'Em?

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This is an important question but one that we honestly don’t have a reliable answer to right now. We are currently doing a process and impact evaluation of Wash’Em and this will help us answer this question in the future. 

However in general, we would expect Wash’Em designed activities to influence behaviour in a similar manner to other behavioural interventions (particularly because many of the Wash’Em activities have been derived from interventions documented in the published literature). This means that we would expect the greatest amount of change to happen immediately after the intervention is delivered. At this point the program is fresh in people’s minds and they are likely to be most motivated to act. Sustaining handwashing behaviour is more challenging, and like all hand washing interventions, we would expect the effect of Wash’Em designed programmes to wane over time. Wash’Em designed programmes intentionally comprise multiple components to be implemented through different delivery channels. This is an important part of ensuring initial improvements of behaviour and helping to sustain them. This is because if you only interact with a person once, the experience may be easy to overlook. However if they are exposed to multiple handwashing promotion activities this is more likely to affect their behaviour.