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Asked a question 6 months ago

I'm a civil engineer working with with MSF in mobile support for construction. Lately, I have been getting many requests for new construction in S-Sudan, in areas with a deep layer of black cotton soil. I have found lots of information on BCS and design of septic tanks and evaporation fields. What I have not found any information on is surface water drainage trenches. So I have been developing some of my own cross section details for trenches, sumps and culverts, but it would be great to get some input from someone who may have experience with similar types of installations. thanks!

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Brian Reed
Freelance WASH trainer

Have a look at 

ABBOTT, J., LEGESSE, N.B., BASTABLE, A., EARL, E., GREEN, R., HENNAYAKE, M., ILLMAN, S., JENKINSON, R., REED, B.J., RUIZ-APILANEZ, I., SHAFFER, P., SVIDRAN, R., and SMITH, D., 2019. Surface Water Management in Humanitarian Contexts [online]. London, UK. Available from:

But BCS is a nightmare! If you have found good advice, share it!