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Abdirizak Ali Ibrahim
Regional WASH Advisor, East and Southern Africa (Save the Children)
Asked a question 2 years ago

In different humanitarian contexts, people tend to use different handwashing facilities designs and sizes. In your experience, is there any specific type and size of handwashing facility for people with disability in your context?

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I think in reality it's common that there is not one design that would work well for all people with disabilities. Making hygiene more accessible therefore requires us to work through community leaders and Disabled Persons Organisations to identify people with disabilities and work with them to design facilities that suit their needs. 

Some resources that could be useful are the new compendium of handwashing facilities26 (developed during the pandemic). This covers information on the accessibility of some designs. In the past, I have found the inclusion audit tool developed by WEDC31 very useful. It's designed for water and sanitation but can easily be adapted for hygiene. There are also some tips in this Hygiene Hub learning brief54 about inclusive programming. 

It would be great to hear the experiences of others too. 


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