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Sean Furey
Director, RWSN Secretariat
Asked a question 8 months ago

Is anyone aware of any examples of regulation of household water treatment products? Specifically in Ghana, Kenya or Tanzania?

Where am I?

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Thank you for your question @Sean Furey5 

In Ghana, it has been developed a national household water treatment strategy document to guide WASH stakeholders, but I am not sure if there is a specific regulation/ standard for household water treatment products yet.  Products have to be certified by the Ghana Standards Authority, and need to be registered with the Food & Drugs Authority (FDA) (IRC, 201818).

If you want to check the National strategy for Household Water Treatment in Ghana and other documents (reports), please check the focus country section 16at the HWTS Knowledge base. We are uploading and updating content regularly.   

@Eva Manzano5 do you have more updates on household water treatment policies and regulation in Ghana or Kenya?