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Shobha Rana
Hand washing demonstration
Asked a question 5 months ago

We have been conducting many training and awareness raising activities in the community, but still there is room to improve it. So including Wash'Em approach what other approach could be done in that case ?

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There are different approaches for the awareness raising and the behaviourial changes. Some very good proven approaches are - 

  • CLTS
  • SLTS
  • CATS
  • Many more .. .. ..

Which ever the approach you decide, you always have to contextualize. You know the context of your targeted areas. Get knowledge on different approaches and then you will decide which approach will be the best fit for your context. 

Wash'Em is mainly a tools to assess the situation and monitor the achievements that will help you to design your future interventions. Wash'Em is not an approach to behaviour change. 

All the best.

Radika Sivakumaran
Child Survival and Development Officer

I think more than training and awareness, in between KAP srveys also will be very useful to understand where we are. Whether are we going on right track....