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Arsenic removal techniques
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Catherine Francis
Senior advisor, marketing and communications, CAWST

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CAWST needs your input! In 2023, the biosand filter celebrates a very important milestone - 30 years. We invite all biosand filter implementers and/or trainers to participate in a survey to measure the tremendous impact the technology has had – on the WASH sector, and in people’s lives around the world. The survey includes questions about your experience with implementation, distribution, and impact, and how you have applied new knowledge, skills, and innovations. 
All results will be anonymized, so your answers won’t be attributed to you in our reports. The survey should take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete, and it's currently available in English, Spanish, French and Nepali. Please add a comment if you would prefer to take the survey in another language.
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Arsenic in drinking water

I recently traveled to Cambodia where many communities deal with arsenic in their water. It has been interesting to learn more about the Kanchan Arsenic Filter--interested if others have worked much in areas with arsenic commonly found?