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Contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties who agree to buy or sell goods and services from one another. There are many different types of contracts. The three most common contract types include: Fixed-Price contracts, Cost-plus contracts, Time and Materials contracts. 

They maybe combine different types of contracts to create one that hits all the high notes of their business exchange. Some business exchanges include a range of products and services, such as labor and equipment.

Richard Dewhurst
Development and Humanitarian Infrastructure Project Researcher

The contract defines how the work will be managed and what the responsibilities of each party to the contract are. Whereas the specifications define the works themselves and what exactly is to be undertaken. So the contract sets out "who" is responsible for the various aspects of work and how their management is administered, whereas the specification details exactly "what" is to be built and the required level of quality.


WordPress Development Services in USA

WordPress Development Services in USA

WordPress is a content management system that is used by millions of websites and blogs.

It has a lot of benefits for website owners, but it does have its drawbacks.

The WordPress Development Services in USA helps to overcome the limitations of WordPress by customizing the CMS to suit your needs.

This includes anything from designing custom themes, plugins, and layouts to adding new features or removing existing limitations.

Health Workers Low ranked Touch Points

From the lesson and activities, I am surprised that health workers are ranked low with most participants not including them in the top seven touchpoints including for diseases settings. I would want to know why this is, as they are in the front line and I believe they have the needed information the public needs. could it be they are not doing enough community outreach, or they have not empowered? i.e. communication for development skills. 

The potential to increase their viability as high-impact touchpoints is clear, how can we increase their impact as viable touchpoints in communities.