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Hand Hygiene For All Roadmap Pakistan

Hand Hygiene For All - here is how it will become a reality in Pakistan!

With congratulations to the Pakistan WASH sector and UNICEF WASH team and the Government of Pakistan we are happy to share the recently finished HH4A... (More)

UNICEF South Asia Region COVID-19 WASH lessons learned

Sharing UNICEF South Asia Region COVID-19 WASH lessons learned documents. These knowledge products document the COVID-19 WASH response and related lessons learned of 2020 in #Afghanistan, #Bhutan, #Bangladesh, #India, #Maldives, #Nepal, #Pakistan and #SriLanka. See each document for contact points... (More)

25+ case studies on covid-19 related responses: learn from their experiences

Fun Handwashing song for kids: Make a Bubble Band!

This is a song I wrote for children to learn how to wash their hands according to the World Health Organization's guidelines. There is both a video with the lyrics and a video with the images of the hand gestures.... (More)