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25+ case studies on covid-19 related responses: learn from their experiences

Fun Handwashing song for kids: Make a Bubble Band!

This is a song I wrote for children to learn how to wash their hands according to the World Health Organization's guidelines. There is both a video with the lyrics and a video with the images of the hand gestures.... (More)

Joanna Esteves Mills
Global Coordinator for the Hand Hygiene for All initiative

Global RCCE Group publishes strategic interim guidance on how to engage communities in COVID-19 response

The Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) Group has developed strategic interim guidance on how to engage communities in the COVID-19 response. It contains an overview of global data on RCCE during the pandemic as well as a behavior change... (More)

A Germ's Journey Hand-Hygiene Educational Resources

Join Us On A Germ's Journey | A Germ's Journey

The A Germ's Journey project's interdisciplinary (psychology, health, education) research has resulted in the co-creation of a wide range of interactive educational resources (including books, webgames, videos and posters) that... (More)