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Handwashing facilities
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New resource aimed at NGOs or organisations operating in rural areas

Please find attached a great resource created by WaterAid Bangladesh outlining instructions for building low cost water and handwashing stations in rural villages.

Dr Om Prasad Gautam, PhD, MPH, MA
Behaviour Change Scientist and Public Health Expert, Senior WASH Manager - Hygiene for WaterAid UK

"WaterAid's Technical Guide for Handwashing Facilities in Public Places and Building".

Pleased to share new resources i.e. "Technical Guide for Handwashing Facilities in Public Places and Building" from WaterAid. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on existing best practice for handwashing facilities, and to share innovation... (More)

Sharing a project from WaterAid Nepal and their innovative designs for handwashing devices

WHO recommends handwashing facilities with soap and water should be located at the entrance to every building, major bus and train stations, airports and seaports. Handwashing facilities should also be placed in markets, food vending locations and water points.

While... (More)