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Handwashing facilities
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Lona Robertson
Senior Global Learning Advisor

Wash'Em Contexts

Describe a context where you have you implemented Wash'Em. If you have never used Wash'Em, describe a context where you wish you could have used Wash'Em.

How did it help your program design or how might Wash'Em have helped your... (More)

I think in reality it's common that there is not one design that would work well for all people with disabilities. Making hygiene more accessible therefore requires us to work through community leaders and Disabled Persons Organisations to identify people... (More)

New resource aimed at NGOs or organisations operating in rural areas

Please find attached a great resource created by WaterAid Bangladesh outlining instructions for building low cost water and handwashing stations in rural villages.

Dr Om Prasad Gautam, PhD, MPH, MA
Behaviour Change Scientist and Public Health Expert, Senior WASH Manager - Hygiene for WaterAid UK

"WaterAid's Technical Guide for Handwashing Facilities in Public Places and Building".

Pleased to share new resources i.e. "Technical Guide for Handwashing Facilities in Public Places and Building" from WaterAid. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on existing best practice for handwashing facilities, and to share innovation... (More)