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Hygiene behaviours
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Tarantulas on a Plane (2022)

Next week I travel to Sudan [inshallah] to support the Norwegian Refugee Council run a five day Wash'Em training workshop. I am taking with me a tarantula! Don't worry, it's not real. It will be my prop as we explore our perceived threshold levels of risk. How long would you have the tarantula sit on your hand if I told you it was harmless, but could still bite? How about if I told you it was venomous, but that I had the venom serum with me? And what about if I told you there was no antidote for miles around?

Studying disease perception in the lead up to traveling made me realise my level of perceived risk to COVID is not simply based on the likelihood of contracting the virus or its physical effects. I need a negative PCR test to get on the plane. This has meant that during the last week I have hidden myself away to reduce my risk of being in contact with COVID. As we explore disease perception as part of the Wash'Em training we will look at how our own behaviour varies in relation to risks that go beyond health outcomes.

Will the tarantula and I make it to Sudan? Follow my daily updates to find out! Now hang on, where did I put that tarantula...?

November 2021: Fear or Awareness?

There is a fine line between raising awareness of risk and creating fear in a community. How can you avoid creating fear when raising awareness of a disease? 

November 2021: Creative Handwashing Campaigns

How could you use motives in a handwashing behaviour change campaign for a humanitarian or development context? 

November 2021: Software Recommendations

Of the recommendations that the software generated for your context, which one do you like best? Which ones do you feel would not work for your context? Explain why. 

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