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MEAL - Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning
MEAL - Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning
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Health Workers Low ranked Touch Points

From the lesson and activities, I am surprised that health workers are ranked low with most participants not including them in the top seven touchpoints including for diseases settings. I would want to know why this is, as they are in the front line and I believe they have the needed information the public needs. could it be they are not doing enough community outreach, or they have not empowered? i.e. communication for development skills. 

The potential to increase their viability as high-impact touchpoints is clear, how can we increase their impact as viable touchpoints in communities. 

Good question. Wash'Em was developed with an awareness of SDG 6 and a range of other global strategies. As you will know improving access to handwashing facilities with soap and water is a key part of target 6.2 and this is also the main indicator tracked by the Joint Monitoring Programme13 for hygiene globally. Wash'Em has tried to align our work with this in a few ways: 

  1. Wash'Em places a strong focus on handwashing infrastructure. One of the Rapid Assessment Tools (Handwashing Demonstrations) is specifically focused on understanding this and it is very unusual for Wash'Em recommonendations to not include some activities to improve or build handwashing infrastructure. 
  2. All of the SDGs place a strong focus on equity. Wash'Em tries to do the same, we encourage people to sample for diversity8 and include marginalised or vulnerable groups including people with disabilities and others. 
  3. We recommend that when monitoring and evaluating8 the impact of Wash'Em designed programmes, organisations use the recommended JMP proxy indicator which documents the presense of handwashing facilities with soap and water. 
Brian Reed
Freelance WASH trainer


Specifications are part of the contract document documents. However, there are very few examples for humanitarian or development WASH. I am looking into this issue but wold like to hear of any successes - or failures - in using specifications. 

les outils que nous utilisons dans le cadre de cette formation sont les mêmes que pour assurer le suivi évaluation dans le cadre du Wash'Em ou bien on aura des outils dédiés au Suivi-évaluation?