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New Book on Self-Supply (free)

Great new publication by Sally Sutton and John Butterworth on self-supply, available for free download:


While governments and development partners focus on improving community and utility-managed water supplies to ensure access for all, hundreds of millions of people... (More)

UNICEF South Asia Region COVID-19 WASH lessons learned

Sharing UNICEF South Asia Region COVID-19 WASH lessons learned documents. These knowledge products document the COVID-19 WASH response and related lessons learned of 2020 in #Afghanistan, #Bhutan, #Bangladesh, #India, #Maldives, #Nepal, #Pakistan and #SriLanka. See each document for contact points... (More)

25+ case studies on covid-19 related responses: learn from their experiences

Fun Handwashing song for kids: Make a Bubble Band!

This is a song I wrote for children to learn how to wash their hands according to the World Health Organization's guidelines. There is both a video with the lyrics and a video with the images of the hand gestures.... (More)