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Safe storage
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JalKalp to mitigate the risk of life threatening cancer


S M Sehgal Foundation conducted one day training on JalKalp Biosand Filter (a stainless steel innovated model) for Water Aid team and community leaders in Buxar. 42 Water Aid team and community leaders participated in the training.

Many community leaders shared their views about Arsenic prevalence in the area and shared their experience on JalKalp safe drinking water. 

The training aimed towards sustained correct, continuous and consistence use of JalKalp through building the capacity of users and local people about the technology and its operation and maintenance


Course on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage available in Portuguese

The free introductory course on Household #Water Treatment and Safe Storage, offered from Coursera by Eawag and EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), is now available in Portuguese. Find out more and register today:

Is it a good idea to advise people to use transparent water containers as opposed to opaque ones?

At first sight, transparent water containers could be perceived as good options, because it can help the user to see the inner surface walls. The idea is: "when the walls look dirt, it is time to clean them".

However, the big drawback of a transparent container is the rapid growth of algae caused by the passage of sunlight. Instead of using transparent containers, it is recommended to use opaque containers and set up a schedule for cleaning. The safe water storage containers should be cleaned in a regular basis (it is highly recommended before every use) and the treated water consumed in 1-2 days of treating it. 

In some publications, it is stated that the maximum interval for cleaning the water containers is one week. 

Check the following resource for more details on how to handle the water container. 

This question was raised during the webinar "A water professional’s guide to safe storage". If you missed this webinar, please find it here. 

Is there any country who has developed regulation for water storage container?

During the webinar on "A water professional’s guide to safe storage', due to time constraint, the speakers could not answer or discuss with all the participants the questions raised. 

If you missed this webinar, please find it here. 

Here another great question raised in the webinar: 

Is there any country who has developed regulation for water storage container? (Countries where containers/jars are widely used for water transport?)