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Melinda Foran
Former Director, Strategic Initiatives @ CAWST

Funding Opportunity: Innovation Challenge - Facilitating the Adoption of Humanitarian WASH Innovations by elrha

You may be interested in this funding opportunity by elrha.

"We are looking for humanitarian organisations interested in adopting innovations from our WASH Innovation Catalogue into their programmes. Funding will be made available to cover the adoption costs. If evidence... (More)

Brian Reed
Freelance WASH trainer

Can you explain your question Syed? It's not clear.

A Germ's Journey Hand-Hygiene Educational Resources

Join Us On A Germ's Journey | A Germ's Journey

The A Germ's Journey project's interdisciplinary (psychology, health, education) research has resulted in the co-creation of a wide range of interactive educational resources (including books, webgames, videos and posters) that... (More)

Melinda Foran
Former Director, Strategic Initiatives @ CAWST

Have Your Say!  Global Online Survey for the 2020 Humanitarian WASH Gap Analysis

Network members, please contribute to the Humanitarian WASH Gap Analysis survey. Your contribution is appreciated. See translated text in FR/AR/SP/PT in comments.


Dear Colleagues,

This year the humanitarian WASH sector has taken on the largest and most inclusive humanitarian... (More)