Greetings, attached in PDF is the presentation of the webinar/ conversation of this past Monday, May 9th, BUILDING LOCAL CAPACITY.  Sustainable development can happen from the grassroots, starting with the training of low-income potters and their neighbors.  The potters are highly skilled and once trained in production of insulating rocket stoves and candle water filters, these will be affordable within the economy of their communities.  Their communities will gain resilience and self-sufficiency.  As it is, these stoves and water filters are arguably best practice for sustainability.

SDGs 6 & 7, for safe drinking water and clean cookstoves stipulate affordability.  It is widely acknowledged, however, that there is neither water treatment nor cookstoves that are sustainable and affordable for those in need, of daily income US$1 or $2. Much good work is being done, *giving* those in need water treatment and clean cookstoves.  The givers should be commended.  For the sake of sustainability, however, those who cannot otherwise afford such gifts need to be trained in production and implementation.  Thanks for your interest.  All the best, Reid