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Water supply
Water supply
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If you need any additional info to start with the IHIP harmonized conditions of contracts, feel free to check the IHIP website or to ask for feedback here.

Humanitarian water engineering course

New course launched by the Dahdaleh Institute to advance technical knowledge of water engineering in humanitarian response.

The Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research is launching a new Humanitarian Water Engineering Intensive Course this Fall. The course is an opportunity... (More)

Eva Manzano
Senior WASH Advisor for Latin America, CAWST

HWTS and Markets White Paper

We would like to provide a quick update to the members of the group and the status of the HWTS and Markets White Paper. We´d like to organize a discussion session with those that have provided feedback so far and... (More)

Compendium of Water Supply Technologies in Emergencies

Hello HWTS Network group,

The new "Compendium of Water Supply Technologies in Emergencies" has been officially launched. There is a chapter dedicate to HWTS.

I encourage you to also check the online platform (Beta Version) and send... (More)