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Water treatment
Water treatment
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Melinda ForanHWTS Network Team
Director, Strategic Initiatives @ CAWST

Funding Opportunity: Innovation Challenge - Facilitating the Adoption of Humanitarian WASH Innovations by elrha

You may be interested in this funding opportunity by elrha.

"We are looking for humanitarian organisations interested in adopting innovations from our WASH Innovation Catalogue into their programmes. Funding will be made available to cover the adoption costs. If evidence... (More)

Adoption of HWT in rural areas

@D. Daniel finished his PhD thesis and his defense will happen on February 22th 14 PM (CET). His work focused on analyzing the factors that influence the adoption of household water treatment in rural areas in developing countries.

If you... (More)

Melinda ForanHWTS Network Team
Director, Strategic Initiatives @ CAWST

HWTS and Markets White Paper

We have drafted a white paper titled “HWTS and Markets”, and would like your feedback, experience, and valued input to improve the paper. We plan to incorporate your feedback and produce a published version by mid-2021.

Have your say by... (More)

Adapting Structured Decision Making to aid HWTS selection

Congratulations @Fleur de Wit on your Master's degree graduation and for your valuable contribution to the HWTS sector. Your work will support the decision-makers in making a structured selection in HWTS in different contexts.

If anyone is interested in knowing... (More)