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Water treatment
Water treatment
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Eva Manzano
Senior WASH Advisor for Latin America, CAWST

HWTS Network News and Events

Dear group,

Did you know that you can share your news and upcoming events related to HWTS with us, so we can share it on our quarterly newsletter? Here is the link:
Form is available in English, Spanish and... (More)

Adoption of HWT in rural areas

@D. Daniel finished his PhD thesis and his defense will happen on February 22th 14 PM (CET). His work focused on analyzing the factors that influence the adoption of household water treatment in rural areas in developing countries.

If you... (More)

Compendium of Water Supply Technologies in Emergencies

Hello HWTS Network group,

The new "Compendium of Water Supply Technologies in Emergencies" has been officially launched. There is a chapter dedicate to HWTS.

I encourage you to also check the online platform (Beta Version) and send... (More)

Adapting Structured Decision Making to aid HWTS selection

Congratulations @Fleur de Wit on your Master's degree graduation and for your valuable contribution to the HWTS sector. Your work will support the decision-makers in making a structured selection in HWTS in different contexts.

If anyone is interested in knowing... (More)