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This is a community discussion forum for the Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) Network. This forum is a free service offered to Network members to share research and practice, learn from one another, and adopt best practices in implementation of water quality interventions such as HWTS and Point of Use (PoU) water treatment. 

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KnowledgePoint est un forum de discussion de la communauté pour le Réseau Conservation et traitement de l'eau à domicile (CTED). Ce forum est gratuit pour les membres. Ils peuvent y partager leurs recherches et pratiques, apprendre des expériences des autres et adopter les bonnes pratiques pour mettre en œuvre les interventions sur la qualité de l'eau comme la CTED et le traitement de l'eau au point d'utilisation (PoU).

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KnowledgePoint es un foro de debate comunitario para la Red de tratamiento del agua a nivel domiciliario y su almacenamiento seguro (TANDAS) Este foro es un servicio gratuito para compartir investigaciones y prácticas, aprender unos de otros y adoptar las mejores prácticas en la implementación de intervenciones de calidad del agua, como TANDAS y tratamiento de agua en puntos de consumo (PDC).

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Is it a good idea to advise people to use transparent water containers as opposed to opaque ones?

At first sight, transparent water containers could be perceived as good options, because it can help the user to see the inner surface walls. The idea is: "when the walls look dirt, it is time to clean them".

However, the big drawback of a transparent container is the rapid growth of algae caused by the passage of sunlight. Instead of using transparent containers, it is recommended to use opaque containers and set up a schedule for cleaning. The safe water storage containers should be cleaned in a regular basis (it is highly recommended before every use) and the treated water consumed in 1-2 days of treating it. 

In some publications, it is stated that the maximum interval for cleaning the water containers is one week. 

Check the following resource for more details on how to handle the water container. 

This question was raised during the webinar "A water professional’s guide to safe storage". If you missed this webinar, please find it here