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HWTS Network
HWTS Network
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This is a community discussion forum for the Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) Network. This forum is a free service offered to Network members to share research and practice, learn from one another, and adopt best practices in implementation of water quality interventions such as HWTS and Point of Use (PoU) water treatment. 

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KnowledgePoint est un forum de discussion de la communauté pour le Réseau Conservation et traitement de l'eau à domicile (CTED). Ce forum est gratuit pour les membres. Ils peuvent y partager leurs recherches et pratiques, apprendre des expériences des autres et adopter les bonnes pratiques pour mettre en œuvre les interventions sur la qualité de l'eau comme la CTED et le traitement de l'eau au point d'utilisation (PoU).

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KnowledgePoint es un foro de debate comunitario para la Red de tratamiento del agua a nivel domiciliario y su almacenamiento seguro (TANDAS) Este foro es un servicio gratuito para compartir investigaciones y prácticas, aprender unos de otros y adoptar las mejores prácticas en la implementación de intervenciones de calidad del agua, como TANDAS y tratamiento de agua en puntos de consumo (PDC).

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HWTS related events at UN Water Conference 2023

Next week, it´s World Water Day and in New York, it will take place the UN Water Conference. If you are planning to attend, reach out and we will connect you with other Network members.
In addition there are several virtual side events that will be positioning HWTS in the agenda for advancing towards SDG 6.1:

On March 22nd at 9.30 pm (EST), the HWTS Network will be organizing a webinar titled "Household self-supply: Does safely managed water only come from pipes?" delivered by @Diana Gonzalez, from the the Institute for Sustainable Futures in Sydney, Australia. The event will be in English with live translation in Spanish. Register here.

Household... (More)

How has the HWTS Network helped you?

The HWTS Network is turning 20 this year! To celebrate this milestone, we’re collecting stories that will help us to demonstrate the critical role that HWTS plays in SDG 6. 

We want to hear from you.  How has the HWTS Network helped you in your work, project or study?

Your story of success could be:

  • a new connection or collaboration
  • development or implementation of a project thanks to evidence in the Knowledge Base
  • implementation of a new technology thanks to product information or a member recommendation
  • … and more! Anything that the network has helped you with.

We will be collecting testimonials in the month of April. Feel free to respond directly to this post or send us an email at