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Md. Riazul Islam
WASH Officer
Asked a question last year

I understand hygiene education is important. But we also need to prioritize the Sanitation value chain to meet the SDG target. We are now in 2022. We have only 9 years to meet the goal where in last 6 years the progress is not significant. So I would love to learn how WASH'em addresses the SDG targets?

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Good question. Wash'Em was developed with an awareness of SDG 6 and a range of other global strategies. As you will know improving access to handwashing facilities with soap and water is a key part of target 6.2 and this is also the main indicator tracked by the Joint Monitoring Programme61 for hygiene globally. Wash'Em has tried to align our work with this in a few ways: 

  1. Wash'Em places a strong focus on handwashing infrastructure. One of the Rapid Assessment Tools (Handwashing Demonstrations) is specifically focused on understanding this and it is very unusual for Wash'Em recommonendations to not include some activities to improve or build handwashing infrastructure. 
  2. All of the SDGs place a strong focus on equity. Wash'Em tries to do the same, we encourage people to sample for diversity19 and include marginalised or vulnerable groups including people with disabilities and others. 
  3. We recommend that when monitoring and evaluating19 the impact of Wash'Em designed programmes, organisations use the recommended JMP proxy indicator which documents the presense of handwashing facilities with soap and water.