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Asked a question 7 months ago

Number of hygiene promoters needed for WASHEM implementation. SPHERE normally advises 1 HP per 100 people, but given the different nature of WASHEM activities (in my opinion less staff intense) what is a reasonable number of HPs to use?

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Hi Harm, I think the Sphere standards are a useful starting point when estimating a budget. For estimating Wash'Em specific budgets it's worth looking at this guidance17 that we have put together. There is a section on here on staffing calculations. 

Agree with @Benedict Mutua4. This is always based on context and the nature, intensity and severity of the emergency. SPHERE is a guidance to develop your context specific standards. For example, in the Rohingya Refugee response in Cox's Bazar, the local WASH sector has a standard of 1 HP staff for 500 household. This is because, we use HP volunteers for the Hygiene Promotion. 1 HP volunteer for 100 Household. So, 1 HP staff managing 5 HP volunteers.