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Emilie SanmartinCAWST
Senior Program Manager, Global Services - CAWST
Asked a question 11 months ago

Welcome back everyone! Please share about you. Where are you writing from and what is your connection to the biosand filter (e.g. implementer, trainer...)?

Where am I?

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Thanks, Enviro-Stewards founded the Safe Water Project (now called Safe Water Social Ventures) in January 2004, when we installed a biosand filter at the St. Bartholomew orphanage in Kajo Keji South Sudan.  This project organically grew to 4 production facilities in South Sudan before it was disrupted by the civil war there.  The South Sudanese project managers, who are currently refugees in Northern Uganda, were able to leverage their training to start 3 production facilities in Northern Uganda.  If anyone else is interested in using a market based solution in their safe water work, we have published (free) tools to do so online at: