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What are the common challenges organizations face when using the Wash’Em approach?

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Marike Kuyper
Global Learning Advisor

When organizations are adopting Wash’Em for the first time there can be several challenges along the journey, just as when we try anything new for the first time. Below we summarize some common challenges and how we can support: 

  • Persuading your organization or your donor to try Wash’Em for the first time. If you want support on this we can provide a tailored presentation for your team or if you want to write Wash’Em into a proposal then you can use this guidance12 or share this document 13with your donor. 
  • Deciding how best to train staff and making time for this. We have a range of training options available (see details here14) each designed for different circumstances our users may find themselves in. Where possible we encourage organizations to train up some of their staff before crises occur so that Wash’Em can be more easily rolled out at the onset of future crises or outbreaks. 
  • Understanding who to collect data from and planning the data collection. We have some guidance on how to sample participants9 for Wash’Em and some suggested plans and logistics considerations in the training manual for how to collect Wash’Em data with a limited number of staff members. Contact support@washem.info8 for access to Wash'Em training materials. 
  • Planning for the implementation of Wash’Em activities, integrating them into broader activities and/or adapting recommendations to suit your context and constraints. This is best done through a discussion with your staff members however if you are struggling please contact us on support@washem.info8 and we can provide tailored support. Also, make sure to register 10for the 3rd and 4th sessions of our Wash’Em Champions Webinars in 2022 where we will be discussing these issues. 

We are always interested in learning from our users about the challenging aspects of Wash’Em so please get in touch if you have something to share.