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Marcio BottoHWTS Network Team
Knowledge & Research Advisor
Asked a question last year

What is the most effective method of cleaning taps and surfaces of household water storage container?

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Biofilm can be a source of recontamination of drinking water and exerts oxidant demand inside household water storage containers. There are researches, such as Wright et al., 200436,  that highlight the public health risks of unsafe water storage. The question is how to avoid and properly clean water storage vessels? 

The recent paper Efficacy of locally-available cleaning methods in removing biofilms from taps and surfaces of household water storage containers18 aimed at studying locally-available agents (bleach, boiled water, soapy water, vinegar) and methods (flowing, scrubbing, or soaking taps; soaking and wiping container coupons) to clean taps and storage vessels.

What kind of cleaning recommendations for water storage containers in households have you proposed or used in the field?

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