Getting Started with Drinking Water Quality Testing

Hello Everyone, 

It is nice to have multi-disciplinary people coming together and joining hands to contribute to the field of drinking water. In order to build the capacity on the subject, SM Sehgal Foundation in partnership with CAWST is starting a virtual capacity-building program with Chapter 1: Getting Started with Drinking Water Quality Testing (DWQT), Starting May 3rd, 2023. 

It is free of charge!

It is a four-week introductory self-paced learning program, which can be completed in your own time. This chapter has e-learning modules, webinars, and opportunities to engage with participants and instructors.   

Visit the website for more details and to register. Once registered, you will receive the program details soon. 

Kindly feel free to share this with your contacts who might be interested in participating in the program. 

Thank You

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